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VOODOO ECONOMICS (WolfMan), the second single off of ÌFÉ's forthcoming sophomore album moves as a modern day funeral song, written as a lament for Adolf Wolfgang Siemon-Otero, a beloved friend and musician gunned down in the streets of San Juan Puerto Rico, the target of a drug trafficking dispute. The song, built around sacred Afro Cuban Bata rhythms and prayers plays a powerful procession, honoring those that have fallen while stirring up a cache of questions, principally among them, why do we want so badly to be rich? And what does right and wrong ultimately mean in a society that judges us more on our outcomes than our methods?

Written by Otura Mun
M.Underwood (ASCAP)
Publ Discos Ifá (ASCAP)
Performed by ÌFÉ
Recorded at ILÉ ÌFÉ // Santurce, PR
Mixed by Stuart Sikes, ATX
Mastered By Bob Macc, UK
Cover Design: Otura Mun

ÌFÉ is Otura Mun, Yarimir Cabán,
Beto Torrens, Pia Cabble,
Kike Serrano, and Enrique "Peru" Chavez



It's a lot, It's a lot diablo Wolf man

Full clip, lick a shot, diablo Wolf man

Hundred pack, hit the block, diablo Wolf man

22 take a shot, diablo Wolf man

50 bands, make 'em rock diablo Wolf man

What's the cost, it's a lot diablo Wolf man

Back again, Back again diablo Wolf man

Mucho moguls, mi nuh know diablo Wolf man

Touch the ground, touch the soul diablo Wolf man

Dark arts, Valdamore diablo Wolf man

Zombie Eh, Zombie Oh diablo Wolf man

Azriel, Gargamel diablo Wolf man

Chupacabra, Babadook diablo Wolf man

Cops shot the kid, made ya look diablo Wolf man


Voodoo Economics
Dinero We got it
Ibaye Bayen Tonu



Diablo Wolf man, diablo Wolf man...

Catch a case, catch a flight diablo Wolf man

Get the call, get the sight diablo Wolf man

Diablo Wolf man, diablo Wolf man...

Pick a bone, pick a fight diablo Wolf man

Make 'em envy, it's a right diablo Wolf man

Kick back, mama's in the drop diablo Wolf man

Live long, maybe maybe not diablo Wolf man

Cut that, we could make a lot diablo Wolf man

Sex, some people pay for that diablo Wolf man

Zinc shack, shooters in the back diablo Wolf man

Take talk, never ever that diablo Wolf man

Six stacks, three up in the lac, diablo Wolf man

Rick shot Rita in the back, diablo Wolf man

Death, some people pay for that diablo Wolf man

Cock back, we could take it back diablo Wolf man


Voodoo Economics
Dinero We got it
Ibaye Bayen Tonu




(Repeat x 4)

Traditional Lucumí Prayer for Eggun (Spirits of the Dead)......



released April 30, 2019


all rights reserved



ÌFÉ New Orleans, Louisiana

Founded by New Orleans based African American producer and percussionist Otura Mun, ÌFÉ is a futuristic live electronic music project blending elements of Afro-Cuban folklore and Yoruban religious music with the sounds of modern day Jamaican Dancehall, Trap and AfroBeat. The single most important electronic act in Afro-Caribbean music today, their 2nd album is slated for release in May of 2021. ... more

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